We live in a scary world.

Whether it's school, church, and workplace shootings, home invasions, on-line predators, or natural disasters, every day in this country we see bad things happening. No one and no community is exempt from experiencing the horrors we read about every single day.

Parents must deal daily with the chance of a possible threat at their child's school, or wonder what predators lie in the shadows waiting for the opportunity to prey on an unsuspecting child. Yes, even in Grand Junction there are legitimate concerns.

So what do we do? Cower in fear? Isolate ourselves in seclusion? Run and hide?

Obviously, the answer to those questions is no, and the good news is there is help. A church-based seminar is being held this weekend in Grand Junction designed to provide parents with strategies to protect their families at church, school, in public places, and at home.

The Home Safe initiative was launched by author and podcaster Ryan Dobson, the son of Focus on the Family founder James Dobson. The aim is to help families safeguard their homes from everything from predators and pornography to home invasions.

This free seminar is being held Saturday, October 9th at Victory Life Church. While there is no cost, people are encouraged to register in order to reserve their spot. While we can't prevent bad things from happening, there are things we can do to prepare ourselves and our family for those situations.

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