The 10th annual Vintage Motorcycle Days have come to a close, and this year's show was a doozy. Enjoy this brief glimpse at a handful of the bikes from this year's show.

Vintage motorcycles of various makes and models adorned 3rd Street and Main Street in downtown Palisade last Saturday, June 2. Along with the motorcycles, kids enjoyed a bounce house, and music lover enjoyed a show with the Desert Flyer Band.

Why am I so hyped about this show? I'm not a motorcycle buff. For that matter, I don't even have a motorcycle. More than anything, I enjoy family events, especially when they're free. This event has always been free to the public.

Regrettably, I didn't get to spend as much as I would have like perusing the bikes. I played with the band, so there weren't many opportunities to enjoy the eye candy.

One particular reason I love this show.... the history. For years now, I've hoped a bike like this would show up. According to the literature on the bike, this is a 1938 Indian.

Indian Motorcycle Palisade 2018
Waylon Jordan

The picture below has been hanging on my office wall for a decade. This is my grandpa, Bob Grant, back in WWII. For some time I've been trying to figure out what year Indian motorcycle he's riding. I'm not sure, but the motorcycle above and the motorcycle below seem to be the same year. What do you think?

Bob Grant Indian Motorcycle
Jordan Family

I see a number of similarities and a few differences. Unfortunately, I'm neither historian enough nor mechanic enough to tell.

Kudos to the organizers of this amazing event. Here's hoping they plan to host this event again in 2019.

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