Illegal hunting activities will have far-reaching consequences for this Colorado man.

The man is 35-year-old Andrew Pashley of Evergreen. He has pleaded guilty to the illegal sale of big game and for unlawful possession of a mountain lion. According to Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Pashley has been investigated for years on reports of illegal hunting activity and the case finally broke in 2017 and he was busted.

Pashley's sentence includes:

* Two years supervised probation
* Court-ordered suspension of all hunting, fishing, and trapping related activities in Colorado
*Restricted from possessing a firearm
*Must forfeit the truck that he used for his illegal outfitting business
*Must give up the hunting equipment he owned for his hounds
*Forfeit the cash paid to him for the illegal mountain lion hunt
* Eligible for an additional suspension of his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges in Colorado and 47 additional states

The case is fairly complicated, but the bottom line, the result is a felony conviction. The sentence is certainly extensive. With any luck, this story will send a message to poachers and others engaged in illegal hunting activities that Colorado Parks & Wildlife will not tolerate these actions.

I believe most hunters are law abiding citizens who follow the rules, and take their sport seriously. But, for those that operate illegally - whether it's for profit or simply for the sake of the harvest, the message is clear. There is no room in Colorado for you.

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