A Colorado Mountain College student recently posted on a classified ads site requesting help to complete an assignment. Would you be willing to help out by taking this ten-question quiz?

The request, posted on Western Slope Classified Ads, involves a research project seriously derailed by the Coronavirus pandemic. The student stated in the post:

The Coronavirus scrapped my original research plan as we cannot engage with the public. 18 quizzes away from 100 participants. Thanks to everyone for making my research project possible.

The student added, "Help me walk with a BA in Sustainability from CMC this May by taking my quiz. It's for my Capstone research project."

This quiz is designed to gauge your current knowledge of 'After Death' care options for my approved sustainable research project "Digging up the Truth Behind Modern Funerals" through Colorado Mountain College. In answering the questions I hope to further educate participants giving feedback with referenced information and options that are legal and available in Colorado.

I took the quiz and received... well... a passing grade. The questions involve a difficult topic, namely death and burial options. When it was all said and done, the quiz took me just over five minutes. Here are my results:

quiz results

Students in Colorado are dealing with a difficult time. Let's help this one graduate on schedule. The quiz is very informative and worth your time. No personal questions are asked, and you don't have to identify yourself. Let's assist this student with her project.

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