The Labor Day weekend for many people is the last hurrah of summer – the last chance  for a road trip, visit  family, or just to do something fun. That explains the heavier-than-normal traffic on Colorado highways. What does that mean to you? Well, for one thing it means that it could take a little longer than normal to get where you are going. Delays at construction zones can be magnified with the increased traffic volume. It also means an increased police presence. Of course, patrolmen want to keep our highways as safe as possible and make sure that motorists are obeying traffic laws. But, additionally, I have to believe they don’t want to miss out on the chance to earn the state some additional revenue by virtue  of writing more speeding tickets. So  if you are prone to having a lead foot, this probably is not the best weekend to push it. Another thing that law enforcement will be looking for is safety belt compliance – so be sure  you are buckled safely in.

The best advice I can give weekend travelers is to choose your travel times wisely. While   you can expect  heavy traffic flows the entire weekend, traveling in the early morning and evening hours are probably your best bet to beat the traffic. And on  Labor Day Monday,  expect  extremely heavy traffic along the I-70 corridor. CDOT strongly advises travel before 11am  and after 5pm with the anticipation of   2+ hour commutes eastbound between Silverthorne  and  C-470 on the west edge of Denver.

Have a safe weekend – and say goodbye to summer. I think I will wave goodbye from the comfort of my recliner and stay off the roads.