We know that in 2020 everything is strange and very unexpected. The craziness began in March and it hasn't stopped since. And with the holidays quickly approaching everyone wants to be safe but people also want to be able to spend time with family. So, lots of people are turning to health officials to figure out the best practices to implement for their own families.

KDVR released information yesterday with new suggestions regarding the safest way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday coming up. The very best way to make it happen is to enjoy time with family virtually. This way there is zero chance of COVID-19 exposure taking place between family members.

The next best way would be to do a 'double quarantine' both prior to and after spending time with family for the holiday. Health officials encourage anyone with symptoms or if you have come in contact with anyone who has tested positive to get tested, and while awaiting those results you should be in a self-quarantine. The same should take place after getting together with loved ones to enjoy the holiday.

While quarantining before and after Thanksgiving doesn't sound like the most fun or anything like we are used to, unfortunately, that is just the situation we are in right now. And as annoying as it is to follow these guidelines that seem to change every day, I'm going to do whatever it takes to help make sure our local businesses don't have to shut down again. That is the last thing our community needs right now.

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