Have you encountered one of these signs stating, "Everything Will Be OK #OKGJ"? Make a trip through Grand Junction and you'll probably spot one. Who's making these?

A post went up on the website Nextdoor showing an image of a sign and a message from the person responsible for making it. The message reads:

With so much rabble-rousing and noise in the media about how awful it all is I sometimes need to just stop...Take a breath...Remind myself it will all be ok. - Brian Flenniken

The sign creator adds, "My family and I are making these yard signs and putting them around town!! Post a picture if you spot one (#OKGJ) and let me know if you want one for your yard! Shoot me a a message here or on IG or just make one yourself!! Spread the word!!! #OKGJ."

I just spotted one of these in the median at 1st and Grand. You'll spot it on the northwest corner.

Brian Flenniken

It's certainly a nice gesture. We could all use a little positivity in our lives right now. There's nothing like a strong affirmation to brighten your day. I might just have to hit him up for one of these signs.

If you spot one, please snap a picture and share with the hashtag. It would be curious to see how many of these pop up.

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