As we continue to move closer toward the end of the Colorado stay-at-home order and trying to regain some normalcy into our lives we are still trying to support smaller businesses and restaurants as they are trying to keep their doors open. It's already been made clear that after some employees can return to work, restaurants, and bars in our area will not be able to open their doors to sit down customers. All restaurants will have the option to continue with takeout and delivery options for customers.

Throughout this challenging time, it has been nice to occasionally grab some food from a local restaurant and not have to worry about doing dishes after dinner. But it brings up a great question, with everyone seeming to be struggling right now if you're in a position to be able to order take out and support our local businesses are you also going one step further to tip the employees a little more due to their shortened work hours and limited income during this time?

This is a personal decision, but one that came up while on a video chat with some friends earlier this week. Quite a few of my friends have at some point worked in food service or have family members who are currently working in food service so we all know the impact those tips can have on an employee's financial situation.

If you find yourself in a position to be able to tip an extra few dollars, please don't hesitate, leave that money for the hard workers trying to keep our community fed. A huge thank you to all restaurant workers who have been putting in hours right now. The work you're putting in is much appreciated.

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