St. Elmo in Colorado is known as 'Colorado's most original ghost town.' The town is 10,000 high in the Sawatch Mountain Range and was founded in 1880. People were drawn to St. Elmo because of the abundance of gold and silver mining.

There were around 2,000 people in St. Elmo, but that quickly changed. As the mining industry vanished, so did the people of St. Elmo. The railroad stopped running in 1922 and the town was abandoned, according to Road Trippers.

An elite family, who moved there in 1881, attempted to keep the town alive. According to Legends of America, the Stark family worked as section boss for a mine as well as owned the general store and the Home Comfort Hotel. After the mining industry's disappeared, the family also began renting cabins.

Although she passed in 1960, one of the two Stark children is said to protect her property to this day. Annabelle's ghost has been seen numerous times in St. Elmo.

No Time For Playtime

Not long after Annabelle's death, children were playing in a room in the hotel and felt they were not alone. The temperature dropped 20 degrees and all of the room's doors slammed shut. The children never played in that room, or any room in the hotel again. Perhaps Annabelle didn't approve of their playtime.

Cease and Desist, Snow Mobilers

Another time, a skier saw a woman in a white dress in the second story window of the hotel, according to Legends of America. There was no one there at the time. When the skier saw what the ghost woman was staring at, he saw people snowmobiling.

Snowmobiling in St. Elmo is illegal and after the skier informed them, Annabelle's ghost nodded, turned away and then vanished. It's as if her ghost was thanking him for helping her watch over St. Elmo.

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