Today, Wednesday, October 14th we get to celebrate all the sweets in life as it is National Dessert Day. We all have had dessert at some point in our life, it is the course that concludes the meal normally a sweet treat. There are so many delicious dessert choices but I would love to know your favorite, also where to buy it or is it homemade?

Before talking about some of the best desserts in our area I had to ask around to see what my co-workers had to say. Most were pretty generic answers with the desserts that you would expect to be mentioned. But when I asked if there was a specific place to get their favorite desserts they really had to think for a bit on where to go.

I'm happy to say that after speaking with co-workers I now have many places around town that I want to stop and have dessert now. Some of the people I work with have worked at restaurants here in the area so make sure you pay attention to where to get these delicious dessert options around town.

6 Delicious Dessert You Need In Your Life

Make sure you leave a comment and let us know what your favorite dessert is and where to get it.

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