40 new holiday movies are coming to the Hallmark Channel this year, as well as a board game to go along with them.

According to delish.com, a Hallmark Channel-themed Monopoly game is coming to stores in November.

Everything in this game is wrapped in Hallmark goodness. All of the locations around the game board are Hallmark themed, including a holiday bakery shop and Christmas tree farm instead of Boardwalk and Park Place. There's no more Chance and Community Chest cards, either. Now, it's Family and Home. Instead of purchasing houses and homes to place on the spots you own, you'll buy cottages and inns. Game pieces include a Christmas tree, a ring, and a watering pot.

Even the money has the Hallmark Channel mascot dog on it. If you're a fan, it looks like you've got your Christmas Eve plans. You can pick up the game here for $39.99.

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