You may or not be a believer, but this sign must be the greatest evidence to date that Bigfoot lives in Colorado - or at least spends a lot of time here.

Most of the photos we ever see of alleged Bigfoot sightings are blurry, hazy, and hard to distinguish, which leaves us all highly skeptical not only of the existence of Sasquatch but of the idea that he - or it - resides in Colorado's high country.

But, if you go to Pike's Peak,  you will find this sign warning of a creature resembling Bigfoot in the area. Surely they wouldn't put up a sign on the state's most popular mountain if there wasn't really a Bigfoot. Would they?

Andrea JG via Facebook
Andrea JG via Facebook

If you see a deer crossing sign, you expect that this a place where deer have actually been seen going over the road. If you see a sign that says "Slippery When Wet," it must be true, right? So if you see a legitimate sign warning of "Bigfoot" or a creature resembling Bigfoot there must really really be a Bigfoot in Colorado, right?

I can only come to one conclusion. Bigfoot must live in Colorado, or at the very least has a vacation home here.



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