I love stories about unusual things. Bigfoot qualifies. Whether you call him Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, or even Daryl, he's unusual.

So is this giant wooden statue to the mythical monster.

According to a story on Coast To Coast AM a chainsaw artist at Dahl's Chainsaw Art in Keystone, South Dakota, has created what he hopes is the world's largest wooden Bigfoot statue. It stands 22.8 feet tall ... and the big guy is sitting down.

The video lays out the entire process of designing the sculpture, creating the framework, placing the head with a crane, then filling in the rest of the body with wood pieces that look like a shaggy Sasquatch.

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It was all done in conjunction with Keystone's Bigfoot Bash which was held last Saturday (December 19).

While the folks in Keystone, South Dakota, are hoping their monument qualifies as the tallest wooden Bigfoot sculpture, it's not quite as tall as Gasquatch in Idabel, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma City's KFOR did a video shoot on him the other day. He's 30 feet tall and beckons drivers to stop in for food or fuel as they motor through Eastern Oklahoma on Highway 259. Gasquatch apparently holds the record as the tallest Sasquatch statue but he's standing up where the sculpture in South Dakota is sitting down.

Either way, they're pretty cool and if I'm ever in their neighborhood you know I'm going to stop by and snap a selfie or two.

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