As we are saying goodbye to summer, Grand Valley Bike month ushers us into the fall season.

Grand Valley Bike month brings recognition to a popular western Colorado past time while encouraging others to join in on the fun - and rewards those who do it.

This year, Mobile Mesa County is coordinating a number of bike-themed selfie challenges throughout the month of September. Participants are instructed to take a photo related to each weekly theme and then submit for a chance to win a local gift card.

Here's how the month is laid out with challenges.

September 1-7: Bike With Kids (Deadline  is September 8)
September 8-14: Bike For Fitness and Fun (Deadline is September 15)
September 15-25: Bike For Transportation (Deadline is September 28)
All Month  Long: Most Creative Bike Route (Deadline is September 30)

Photo entries can be submitted to the Love to Ride Group Page in the Mesa County Biking Group, tag Mobile Mesa County on Instagram or Facebook, or email to

Every year I say I want to get a bike and I need to get a bike, but, yet, here I am again, a man without wheels. I know a bike for me will eventually happen, I just don't know when. Until then, I will continue to be inspired by those of you who are regular bikers and those that I see regularly on the riverfront trail. I will enjoy biking through you.

If you are like me and haven't yet taken the biking plunge, maybe Grand Valley Biking Month is the motivation you need to finally get some wheels and hit the trail.

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