If you're one of the many people that have to work part or most of the Labor Day holiday weekend, don't despair, you can still take a day and head to the Grand Mesa for some fun.

The beauty of the Mesa, it is only about an hour away, making it a great choice for the people whose holiday is limited.

Forecast for the weekend says there is a chance of rain, but the cooler temperatures with highs around 60 should provide a good window for those wanting to try some fishing.

Some people who went fishing on the Grand Mesa last weekend said the fish weren't biting a lot, but neither were the mosquitoes, making it much more tolerable than earlier this summer.

Dry flies and wooly buggers are always popular with fisherman. Spinners and bait may also work now that it's not so hot.

If fishing isn't your thing, then pack a picnic and enjoy one of the many day-use areas. While you're there, hike a trail or two and enjoy the last bit of summer before you drive back up later this month for the fall colors.

Regardless of whether you're planning to spend a day or the entire Labor Day weekend on the Grand Mesa, plan for rain. If it stays nice, all the better. But, if it rains, the amazing sound and smell of the forest is a lot more enjoyable when the Grand Mesa is wet and you're dry.

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