It's been a crazy day. Loud, hurried, frantic, crazy. Where can you go to get away from all of that and just think? Or write?

I am in the process of writing a novel, and I never seem to find the right place to write. I have tried restaurants, my car, and more than a few parks, as the gazebos allow for some comfort, but again, distractions.

Writing at home is a chore, as I have roommates, which means TV, stereo, phone, all going at once. That makes writing a bit difficult, not to mention thinking. And even the library, I have found, isn't the greatest place for ME to write because I get distracted easily. (Is that a penny on the floor?)

Haven't you ever just wanted to go somewhere just to meditate? A quiet, beautiful place to just think?

Or NOT think. A nice, pastoral, scenic spot.

Where is YOUR Zen place? YOUR serene location where one could calmly write or think or do nothing, without distractions, other than those provided by Mother nature?

Share your thoughts with me!

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