Here we are in August and it feels like summer is over - and there are so many things we didn't get done.

Falling Short of Pre-Summer Expectations

It seems we always have good intentions as summer approaches. So many things we hope to accomplish this year and all of the fun things we are going to enjoy. Then summer comes, life happens, and here are falling short of our pre-summer expectations.

Before we become too overwhelmed with grief and regret, let me remind you - we still have a lot of summer left. Unless you were planning to train for a marathon or lose 200 pounds there's still time to go have some fun or get something done.

My personal failure so far is not getting my house painted. I started the job in the fall - but "ran out of time."  I'll do it in the spring, I said. I didn't. I'll do it this summer. I haven't.

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Gas Prices, Unexpected Stuff Happens

It's been kind of a weird summer with gas prices being outrageously high and I know that has stopped some people from doing as much. Other unexpected stuff happens like illnesses, unanticipated bills, and added obligations. Before you know it, the summer is gone - and your to-do list looks as large as it did when the summer started.

Grand Junction Summer Fails: Things We Haven't Done

Recently, I asked our listeners to do a little inventory and to tell us something they had planned or hoped to do this summer, but, so far it hasn't happened. Scroll on down to see some of the things folks in Grand Junction have failed to do so far this summer.

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