This mysterious "phantom chair" has made yet another appearance on Grand Junction's Little Park Road. This probably wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for one little detail; it's moving around... all by itself!

Yours truly has seen this very same chair several times over the last few months.

If that were the extent of sightings, you could assume someone had just abandoned it there. The clincher is the chair has moved several feet, and in some cases, has even changed the direction it is facing. Seriously, this chair is actually turning around.

Proof.... take a look at this photo taken yesterday (Sunday, August 3, 2014.)

Waylon Jordan

Now take a look at this photo, of the exact same chair, taken from the exact same place (note rocks and trees in background,) taken one month ago. Wow! Need I say more?

Waylon Jordan

Have I actually witnessed it during its migration and changes in direction? No.

That said, I find it very unlikely that bears or deer are coming up and moving the chair around. I don't see any footprints around the chair. Do you?

There you have it, conclusive proof that Little Park Road is haunted by a "phantom chair." Go ahead and hike on Little Park if you dare, just don't say I didn't warn you.