Almost everyone who has spent time in Grand Junction has been to Lincoln Park and at least seen the Moyer Pool. It has been a popular spot for people to cool off when the summer heat becomes unbearable. But there really is a very happy and sad tale to Grand Junction's Moyer Pool and here are the details.

Back in 1922 one of Grand Junction's most profitable businessmen, William Moyer along with his wife Ida decided to give back to the community. They were always known for their generosity and after running the Fair Store on Main Street for many years and with some of their wealth created the Moyer Natatorium known now as Moyer Pool and was Grand Junction's first public swimming pool.

When the Moyer Natatorium was created both William and Ida agreed that each week the pool needed to be open to all children regardless of their ability to pay. The Moyers also funded the education of two Mexican and two Chinese children. They were truly great people who loved to help others.

The pool was first opened in June of 1922 and it was a huge hit for families in Grand Junction.

The Great Depression Hit Grand Junction and the Moyer Family Hard

The pool did well for a few years, then unexpected circumstances made life difficult. Ida Moyer died in 1926, it was just a few years later that The Great Depression hit and several investments for William Moyer collapsed. By 1935 William Moyer was bankrupt.

Grand Junction Stepped Up and Took Care of William Moyer in His Final Years

After helping to create Grand Junction's first public pool and giving back so much, William Moyer was lost with no money. But that's when the generous people of Grand Junction stepped up. The owner of the St. Regis Hotel gave him a room for free that went on for years. And the City of Grand Junction in his final years decided to "hire" William Moyer to "manage" his Moyer Natatorium.

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