It's hard not to snack when you're at home so much due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since we're all in quarantine, these are Grand Junction's favorite quarantine snacks.

Most people are spending more time than ever at home due to coronavirus pandemic. Now that I'm home more a lot more, I'm finding it extremely easy to eat a lot of snacks.

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Since we're all in quarantine, we wanted to know what your favorite snacks are. We asked you on our Facebook and here are some of Grand junction's favorite quarantine snacks.

Sweet Treats

Carolyn Williams says that her favorite quarantine snack is Hershey's marshmallow eggs, She says that Easter candy is one of the few things that are not in short supply. Rachel Crites says her favorite snack right now is strawberries and Nutella. I think that if you put Nutella on anything, it makes it ten times better.

Buffalo Chicken Fries

Rai Mitchell commented on our Facebook and says that buffalo chicken fries are her favorite snack and here's what she puts in them and my stomach is officially growling:

  • Seasoned fries
  • White queso sauce
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Salsa

Chips, Wine and Prime Rib

Julie Faucett says her favorite quarantine snack is the Simple Truth organic corn tortilla chips but they're in high demand and hard to find. Candy Ontiveros commented on our Facebook and says Wine and Michael Busse says prime rib.

Some more of Grand Junction's favorite quarantine snacks are:

  • 'All of them'
  • 'Chips and salsa'
  • 'Homemade mac n cream cheese n chive nuggets with crab onion n sour cream dip'
  • 'Mushrooms. That way I can take a trip'

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