If any of these toppings are on a pizza, Grand Junction just can't bring themselves to eat it. From anchovies to pineapple, here are the worst pizza toppings.

I'm not too picky when it comes to pizza (because I love it so much) but if certain toppings are on a pizza, I can't bring myself to scarf it down like I usually would. I know I wasn't the only one, so we asked you on our Facebook:

And Grand Junction refuses to eat a pizza if these toppings are on it:

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    Anchovies were by far the most popular responses. Kurt Hubber on our Facebook called this topping 'fish bait' and says if these or olives are on a pizza, he won't eat it.

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    If you ask me, pineapple does go on pizza, but not everyone agrees. Amy Powell says it's not just pineapple, but she won't eat a pizza if there's any kind of fruit on it.

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    Now here's another pizza topping that I can deal with, but Grand Junction can't. Kurt Hubber calls olives 'water bugs' and if these are on his pizza, the pizza is not going into his mouth.

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    Onions + More

    If these are on Grand Junction's pizza, they won't eat the pizza. The toppings include onions, eggs, peppers, mushrooms, peanut butter, ground meat, and coconut. I don't know who would put coconut on a pizza, but if you do, send us a picture so we can marvel at its grossness.

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