Over the weekend, the Grand Junction Police Department took you with them during their patrols this weekend -- via Twitter. Take a look at what happened while they were out.

The GJPD has a great social presence. Not only do they keep you informed with what's happening during the day, they also like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes during regular weekend patrols.

This isn't the GJPD's first Tweet Along, they've done a couple of these throughout the year. Here's what you missed if you didn't follow along.

Evening Briefings -- Donuts and All

K9 Nero Waiting for Some Action

A Saturday Gone to the Dogs

These Guys Were Packing Meat

K9 Nero Found His Action

Someone Had a Bit Too Much to Drink

Well, DUH!

It IS a Saturday Night

Thanks to the Grand Junction Police Department for keeping our community safe.

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