Halloween isn't the only holiday celebrated on October 31. Without my telling you, can you figure out the other holiday celebrated on that date? Go ahead, clear your mind, and take a guess.

October 31 marks "Increase Your Psychic Powers Day." This holiday, with roots going back to 19th century England, is the day of the year when you make efforts to increase your mental powers.

How does one achieve this? Master Yoda? The short lady from Poltergeist? The Vulcan Science Academy? Where in Grand Junction can one seek guidance?

According to Yelp!, Grand Junction offers four professional psychics. In no particular order, they are:

  • Psychic Mary Pope

(970) 234-6611

  • Spiritual Intuitive

    (970) 573-8415

    2424 US Hwy 6

    Grand Junction, CO 81505

  • Blond Enlightenment

        (858) 344-3259

2497 Power Rd

Grand Junction, CO 81507

  • Paula Psychic

2852 North Avenue

Grand Junction, CO 81501

        (970) 640-7176

Are you willing to do the work? Increasing your psychic powers isn't something you're going to bust out in one day. October 31 is simply the day set aside to inspire us to begin. This Halloween, get in the spirit (pun intended) and start your journey into a bigger world by exploring your psychic potential.

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