According to the website it is. They analyzed cities and towns over 5000 in population and determined that Grand Junction is one of the 10 worst places to live.

Through job losses, dependency on the oil and gas industry, low educational spending and crime, they determined that we rank 6th out of 10 in Colorado.

I take exception to this.

First of all, I don't think any of them have ever been to Grand Junction. We are a resourceful group of survivors here and to take a shot at the city and the people from across the state is ludicrous and I am not happy about it.

Take a look around at this place and you will see business thriving, people happy, and business thriving. Are there some closures? Of course, there are. But businesses open and close all the time, and not always because of a failing economy.

And on education, did you happen to notice where the smartest kids in the state are from? Knowledge bowl champs baby!

We have a thriving downtown, business leaders who love and care about Grand Junction and do all they can to make this a GREAT place to live.

We have enterprising people who overcome obstacles and barriers to make not only their own life better but the lives of others around them. Take the time to talk to people here, and not look at statistics to determine the quality of life in a place.

If you want to know how awesome it is to live here, bring yourself on out. Don't throw down stuff like that, though, and not expect a response.

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