This guy is the top contender for Grand Junction's dumbest criminal of the year. After stealing and drinking a Monster energy drink from a convenience store, he told the police he did it to get arrested.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, clerks at the C and F Food Store in the 400 block of 32 Road in Clifton, contacted authorities after asking a man to leave the premises at least half a dozen times. On the way out of the store, the man stole a Monster energy drink.

The man, identified as 26-year-old Guillermo Medina-Holguin of Grand Junction, told officers upon his arrest, he took and drank the Monster because 'he just wanted to be arrested.' What the..?!

Sheriff Deputies complied with his request, arrested him, charged him with 2nd Degree Burglary and Theft/Shoplifting. He was subsequently booked into the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Medina-Holguin was issued a $100,000 cash only bond and is scheduled to appear in court on September 22.

Not only does Medina-Holguin hold the record for the most money owed for a Monster energy drink ($100,000) but it's not likely this dumbell is going to get the chance to visit another convenience, or any other store, anytime in the near future.

[Mesa County Sheriff's Office]