On a brisk winter day, sort of resembling the planet Hoth, Star Wars fanatics engaged in a battle to the death (kind of) in downtown Grand Junction. We happened to witness the battle and caught some of it on video.

Local podcasters, Comic Talk616, wanted to celebrate the Friday, December 18 release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awaken. What better way to celebrate than organizing a lightsaber battle for all Star Wars fans to enjoy.

Comic Talk616 was attempting to break a world record for lightsaber battles. Their goal was over 1,500 people to converge in an epic battle in one place.

Did they make it? Not this time.

The turnout was small, but that doesn't matter when you consider the smiles on all the participates faces.

A small crowd gathered around Wells Fargo bank in downtown Grand Junction to witness the battle between Jedi Knights and Sith Lords and we grabbed a bit of video for you.

Even though the record wasn't broken -- who wants to battle outside on Hoth? -- the battle still won the hearts of many Grand Junction residents.