How about that lightning show last Saturday night? I wondered if we were going to see anything like that this year. Take a quick look back at lightning from a time when Grand Junction was a slightly smaller place.
Right around midnight, I made my way through Whitewater. We were returning from Arrowhead Mountain Lodge, located just past Cimarron. Grand Junction was getting quite the light show. In this case, the lightning was not quite what I am used to. Very fine strands of light traveling horizontally across the horizon rather than vertically.
About an hour later lightning drew a little closer to my home. In one instance I saw the flash of light only about half a second or so before hearing the thunder. That's a little close. The rain was awesome, too.
What do these light shows look like from a higher perspective? My grandpa, Robert Grant, moved to Little Park Road in 1971. While I can't say for certain, it is my guess these photos were captured right around that time. The shots are from Bob's front porch at the top of Little Park.
Grand Junction, while not a metropolis now, was certainly much smaller back then. It's been a while since I've seen activity like this in the valley. Then again, my grandpa died years ago and I haven't had occasion to be at the old house to watch the lightning.
Well, that's what a good lightning storm looks like, or at least used to look like, from the perspective of Little Park Road. Since then, tens of thousands of city lights have been added.
Thank you, Mother Nature, for the awesome display last Saturday. May we have another? Bring the rain back, too.

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