There's no doubt that while (typically) only four years, the time we spend in high school is some of the most formative years of our entire lives.

High school is the period of time when kids become adults, meet some of the best friends they'll ever have, and create memories that will stay with them forever.

Because of this, experts have said that the music we listen to when we're in high school is typically the music that sticks with us the most throughout the rest of our years. Sure, we grow up with our parents' music, and we might attend more concerts as adults, but the music we gravitate toward during those four years is huge.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Grand Junction residents what bands or artists they most closely associate with high school, and here's what you said.

Bands that Make Grand Junction Residents Think of High School

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With an engagement question like this, you'll undoubtedly get some clues as to how old the respondees are. For example, the people who responded with artists like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Brownsville Station, and Fleetwood Mac are likely of more advanced age than say, the person whose high school years remind her of Black Veil Brides.

Rock bands from the '80s like Van Halen, Quiet Riot, and Def Leppard were popular choices, as well as some later artists such as Korn, Alice in Chains, Incubus, and Evanescence, to name a few.

Keep scrolling to check out which bands remind these Grand Junction residents of high school:

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