Grand Junction's first freeze of the year is on the way, but exactly when is it going to happen?

First Freeze In October?

Historically, the Grand Valley gets its first freeze of the year in October, but the exact date can vary greatly from one year to the next, as you'll see in the illustration below. Over the last 15 years, Grand Junction's first frost has come as early as October 1 and as late as October 29.

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When Will Grand Junction Get Its First Freeze?

This year, it looks like that first freeze will be somewhere in the middle. Although the forecast is subject to change, the forecast from the National Weather Service is calling for a low of 32 degrees in Grand Junction on October 13. The first freeze may or may not happen then, but regardless, there are three things that need to happen soon.

  • Get your swamp cooler winterized
  • Make sure your furnace is ready to fire up
  • Be prepared to cover plants and flowers that could be damaged by frost

COLORADO WINTER WEATHER: Grand Junctions Historical First Freeze

It would be highly unusual for Grand Junction's first frost to come in September or as late as November, though nothing is impossible. Typically, the first freeze comes somewhere in the middle of October for the Grand Valley, but it can come at any time. Here is a look at when Grand Junction's first freeze happened over the past 15 years based on observations from weather underground.

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Western Colorado Winter Checklist

Some of the things on my list absolutely must be done. Some tasks should be done, and others could wait. However, for your own peace of mind, you might as well just go ahead and start checking things off the list and get them out of the way as soon as possible. Here are 8 things you need to do before the western Colorado winter sets in.

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