This is not a drill! A Western Colorado resident sent out a 'Perv Alert" via social media yesterday, warning people of a strange man doing strange things on 12th Street. What was shakin'?

According to the woman who sent out the post, a man in a maroon Chevy Suburban had his pants down and was masturbating while students used the crosswalks between the college and the east side of 12th Street. Did this woman contact authorities or did she simply go to double-red alert and take matters into her own hands (no pun intended)? According to her post, she contacted authorities.

She posted her concern on the Facebook site Western Slope Classified Ads at 3:31 p.m. on Tuesday. Concerned citizens were quick to respond.

The area of 12th Street between North Avenue and Orchard is no stranger to weirdness. This one, however, pushes the envelope. Again, authorities were contacted. Keep your eyes open, Grand Junction.

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