Looking for something that you can point to proudly in Mesa County? How about a swell of pride for District 51 schools?

In a report from The Colorado Department of Education, District 51 leads Colorado with a graduation rate of nearly 80%! Across the report from CDOE you will find Grand Junction students are graduating at a higher rate than any other schools in Colorado.

Included in the report are the graduation numbers of females, Latinos, and minorities, as well as students with disabilities and in all cases, the graduation rates are higher.

The State report shows that the average graduation rate across the entire state is 79%, and breaks down the information based on community size and Anticipated Year of Graduation (AYG).

This compiles the year the student entered the 9th grade and completes his or her high school career in four years.

It sure is nice to be able to see a report like this and it lets us know how well and how awesome our kids are doing. Way to go students and District 51!

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