The saying "locals know best" typically rings true, which is why I asked the folks of Grand Junction, Colorado to recommend their favorite car wash in town.

Vehicle maintenance can be such a chore, but it has to be done to keep your vehicle in the best shape. When it comes to car washes, I typically don't get them done as often as I probably should. However, after my most recent trip to the front range, I was definitely in need of one ASAP.

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Benefits to Washing Your Car

Besides keeping your vehicle looking fresh, there are actually other benefits to regular car washes such as:

  • Safety - regular car washes helps ensure that your windows, tires, and mirrors are ready for travel
  • Improved fuel efficiency- carrying dirt and debris on your vehicle increases drag and eats up your gas
  • Health - washing your vehicle keeps you and your car healthy. Think about it, you touch your car often, don't you want it to be clean?
  • Protection - a large variety of things that land your car can eat away at your paint job. Wash it off and save yourself from peeling paint.
  • Resale - one day you might want to sell your vehicle and its cosmetic appearance definitely has a role in how much money you make.

Hitting the Roads + Highways in Colorado

I actually really enjoy hitting the roads and highways here in Colorado. Those big curves around the mountains are amazing to drive and it makes me feel like I'm in a fancy car commercial.


Anyway, I've been driving I-70 a lot and there's always major splashback. My silver car becomes dirty charcoal, and it's plain embarrassing.

Grand Junction Recommends the Best Car Washes

Like I stated previously, typically locals know best, so I asked what was the best place to get a car wash in Grand Junction. I got a variety of responses, but one car wash was recommended more than any other.


Grand Junction Lists Their Favorite Car Washes

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