A popular Western Colorado health club has barely broken a sweat after 30 years of serving the valley. Crossroads Fitness, with two locations in the valley, is now 30 years strong with no end in sight.

You may see proud members sporting their 30th anniversary t-shirts. Crossroads has die-hard members flaunting their gear at both the downtown and airport locations.

The club opened for business in 1986 at the Crossroads Boulevard location near the airport. I first joined the club in 1988. The uniqueness of the gym was due largely to the extensive weight training area, combined with aerobics classes and excellent cardio facilities. 1986 fell right in the middle of the Nautilus phenomenon. As I recall, the gym was originally called "Crossroads Nautilus."

After 28 years of membership at the gym, I still look forward to each opportunity to visit. Nowadays, my routing typically takes me to the downtown location in the Alpine Bank building. Looking back on my 28 out of the gym's 30 years, I can't help but notice the same members still train there.