Grand Junction drivers may be among the worst in the nation, but we are beginning to understand why.

Grand Junction Drivers Can't Help Themselves

Not long ago, we brought you the Grand Junction Rules For Driving. These are basic driving rules that you would think everybody knows, unfortunately, they don't. Another thing we learned is that Grand Junction drivers can't help the way they drive. In most cases they have received faulty information.

In part one of Grand Junction Rules For Driving, we discovered that Grand Junction drivers believe yellow means go faster, parking lots are like speedways, and stop signs are completely optional.

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More Bad Driving Rules

In Grand Junction Rules For Driving Part II, we get even more insight into the driving habits of Grand Valley motorists. We learn about the importance of knowing sign language on the streets of Grand Junction, and how when you make a right-hand turn on red you should always be sure that the driver who you were supposed to be yielding to, has to step hard on their brakes to keep from slamming into the back of you.

You don't have to live in the Grand Valley very long to learn the rules of driving on the streets of Grand Junction - or, perhaps more appropriately, how not to drive in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction Driving Rules: Part II

Grand Junction has a lot of bad drivers, perhaps because they have not been given the proper instruction. By a twist of fate, we have been given some insight into the behavior of Grand Junction motorists. If your driving skills need to be improved, perhaps you can learn something from Grand Junction's (Bad) Rules For Driving - Part II.

Grand Junction Rules For Driving: Part 1

I am here today to provide to you, absolutely free of charge with no obligation or financial commitment required, the official Bad Rules For Driving In Grand Junction. Follow these rules and you will be amazed at how popular you become with other drivers and you will discover how "friendly" they can be.

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