If you love music, cocktails, and beautiful scenery, a weekly Grand Junction event is precisely what you need. A Thursday evening gathering is making its way back to downtown.

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Gather your friends and make your way to the rooftop at the historic Avalon Theatre as Thursday evening's Sunset Terrace returns for 2021.

Awesome Social Setting

This really is an awesome event. Every Thursday evening during the Grand Junction Market on Main you can enjoy live music, adult beverages, and a magnificent view of Grand Junction from the Sunset Terrace.

How The Event Unfolds

Admission to the Sunset Terrace is free. No tickets are required for the live music. Simply find a seat, grab a drinky-poo, and enjoy the music.

The season kicks off this coming Thursday, June 24, 2021. Things get underway at 6 p.m. and continue through 9 p.m.

What About The Music?

The first act on the schedule for the 2021 season is Faith Piotrowski Unplugged. I regret that I'm unfamiliar with this artist. According to her official Facebook page, she is an alternative-Folk Musician + Advocate for survivors of sexual and religious abuse.

The View May Be The Best Part

As a Grand Junction native, I truly enjoy the view from the Sunset Terrace. When looking from the northeast corner of the terrace it's easy to see a significant location from my family's history.

When my grandpa returned to Grand Junction from World War II, the very first thing he did was go out and buy and Indian motorcycle. He got turned on to these bikes while serving in Asia during the war.

Shortly after purchasing the motorcycle he rode through the intersection of 7th and Main in downtown Grand Junction. Back in those days, downtown still had tracks from the streetcar system. My grandpa hit those tracks on the motorcycle, causing him to crash. The accident put him in a coma for over a month.

Bob Grant Crash Site on Main Street
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While not a pleasant thing to think about, it is an event I always reflect on while enjoying the view from the terrace.

How To Participate

Show up. That's it - show up. No cover charge, no reservations, and in my experience, no lines.

Take the stairs to the terrace, or if you prefer, take the elevator. Regardless of how you get there, it is the place to be on a Thursday night in Grand Junction.


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