One more day of political ads and it will all be over. Here in Colorado, political ads are going out with a bang. One national treasure has been temporarily relocated to Colorado for the sake of a TV commercial.

Please welcome the Grand Canyon to the great state of Colorado. For the next 24 hours or so this 277-mile canyon normally located in Arizona will be temporarily relocated.

How did this happen? The migration of the Grand Canyon was featured in a political ad for Cory Gardner financed by the ESAFund. Gardner is currently running for the Senate in Colorado. The commercial begins with, "Colorado's greatest natural resources are our people. Our land." The line is accompanied by images of the Grand Canyon.

Looking at Google Maps, the distance from Grand Canyon National Park to the Colorado state line is roughly 308 miles.

According to Westworld, this boo-boo was spotted by James Owens, a former press secretary for Senator Mark Udall, whom Gardner defeated in 2014.

Via Twitter, Owens shared the photo above with this statement:

Pro-Gardner ad 'Delivering for Colorado' gushes about 'our people, our land' — but opens on a shot of the Grand Canyon. Not how you win in #COsen!"

Is the image really the Grand Canyon? Westworld reached out to Joelle Baird, spokesperson for Grand Canyon National Park. Baird replied, "It's the Grand Canyon, all right."

Westworld says they have reached out to Gardner and his people for comment. As of today, November 2, 2020, they've received no reply.

For the record, I'm not taking any sides with this race. This is merely a comment on political ads. As a Production Director for a broadcasting company, I've produced many political ads for radio. All I can say is... things happen.

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