Sometimes, we become too reliant on modern technology. Especially when it comes to getting around. About 100 drivers learned this the hard way when Google Maps sent them on a detour near Denver International Airport.

On Sunday, June 23, there was an accident on Pena Blvd. that leads to the Denver International Airport. When travelers found themselves stuck in the traffic jam, they took to Google Maps to find a detour.

Well, Google Maps led them on a detour most won't forget.

Connie Monsees told CNN, she was on her way to pick up her husband from the airport when she ran into the traffic jam. She pulled up the Google Maps app and found the detour. Initially, the accident would have made travel time about 43 minutes, but the detour would take 23. So, Monsees decided to take the detour after seeing others making their way there.

Bad news for Monsees and the rest of the drivers who were led to a dirt road that was a mess from recent rains. Cars were sliding all over the place, while others some were stuck in the mud. Monsees had an AWD car, so she was able to make it through, and also helped out a couple of travelers make their flights by giving them a ride.

Monsees did do a little damage to her car but stated others had it much worse.

Google has yet to make a statement about the mishap.


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