The Girl Scout cookie season is officially underway.

From now until March 10, you'll be able to purchase and enjoy your favorite girl scout cookies. You are likely to see girl scouts selling these scrumptious delicacies in front of major retailers or maybe even at your door.

But, times have changed and not Girl Scout cookies are available online via the Digital Cookie program. Digital Cookie is essentially a new way for girls to promote and market their cookies, and keep track of cookie customers. The convenience to the customer is the ability to pay with a credit card from the comfort of your own home. One thing to know, however, is that to buy your cookies online you have to receive an invite to shop at a girl's personal website.

The girls can set up their own personalized site and the cookie selling/buying experience is easier than ever. In fact, in 2018, Colorado Girl Scouts were able to sell nearly 700,000 boxes of cookies.

With so many ways to buy cookies, the girls have to expect to hear a lot of  "no, but thanks, I've already made my purchase." It's the one thing I dislike about the cookie season. I hate having to say no, but it's just impossible to buy from every girl who asks.

So, again this year, you have the traditional choices of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils(my favorite), Do-S-Dos, and Savannah Smiles for $4 a box. Additionally, you can choose from a limited quantity of the recently added S'mores and the new gluten-free Toffee-tastic, both of which will run $5 a box.

So what is YOUR favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Last time I asked, Thin Mints were clearly the most popular flavor in western Colorado. So, I'll put it out there again, ask you to please vote for your favorite Girl Scout Cookie.

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