I never thought that you can make money by getting a call from a telemarketer. The tables have turned. This is how you can get paid up to $900 just by using your phone number.

Have you gotten a call saying you won a free cruise? If you did, it could pay off -- literally. I guess annoying callers can get in trouble, because the lawsuit was filed against Resort Marketing Group, Inc. The company made automated phone calls and offered a free cruise which violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

You could get paid $300 for every call! There's a $900 max per each phone line.If you're thinking that you might've gotten one of these calls, see if you're eligible to get some money. You'll have to look up your phone number and answer a few questions to see if you're eligible. Just make sure to send in your claim November 3.

You mean to say I get money for an annoying call? Sure, I'll take it!

Sources: 101.5 WPDH and KCC


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