The baseball season is barely an inning old, yet we’ve already had our fair share of plays that will be hard to top.

First, there was the bat flip to end all bat flips and now there's the sneakiest pickoff move that could ever happen.

Rice University pitcher Blake Fox works from the stretch when he wipes his brow before quickly firing the ball over to first base with his other hand during a game last weekend. The runner for Louisiana-Lafayette got back in time, but, hey, give Fox for being as sly as his namesake. The move was so quick and unexpected the cameras didn't even have time to shift to first base to see how the runner reacted.

It was a great thought and a great move, but we can’t help but notice that the announcers couldn’t help not acknowledging the unusual attempt to keep the runner honest. You gotta give this pitcher some love for thinking outside the (batter's) box.

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