This is the kind of story the restores your faith in humanity. Yet, another amazing story that I found while on the Grand Junction Mutual Aid Facebook Group. There is a man by the name of Brian Cox and for the last few days, he has posted about free meals being available at Diorio's Pizza in Palisade and now at Dos Hombres Restaurant.

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Yesterday there were 200 prepaid meals available for anyone in need at the Diorio's Pizza location in Palisade, now there are just a few still available. And the donation today was 100 prepaid meals at Dos Hombres Restaurant.

The online post made by Brian states, that anyone who needs a meal just needs to call the restaurant and ask for the "prepaid gift card meals", and reminded people that curbside pickup is available.

As you can see in all the comments there were dozens of people quick to say thank you to Brian and his family for making this happen. We have some truly generous and remarkable people in the community and this is just another example of it. And what a fantastic way to support local businesses at the same time!

Just a reminder that this donation was made for those who are in need, please don't take advantage of someone's generosity just to benefit yourself. I can promise you there are plenty of people or families in our community that truly need this right now.

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