Works of fiction often mirror real life, but it is quite unique when it happens the other way around.

A woman posted a video of a deer herd flooding her backyard. The video begins with just one deer and a very eager squirrel, both just patiently waiting for her to feed them. The entire spectacle looked like a real life scene out of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

What began as the duo of animals, quickly turns into an entire herd of deer. With the speed of how quickly the group flock to the women's home, it's evident this was not the first time it had happened.

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The Disney-esque footage was posted by the viral video YouTube channel, ViralHog, yesterday (October 19th, 2021), but the event actually took place on Wednesday, October 6th, 2021. The video was captioned:

The deer live in the woods behind my home. They run to me when they hear my voice.

The comments section seemed torn by the display. While the vast majority of the near 350 comments, wished they could experience the same type of animal interaction, there was also an equally large portion of folks condemning her actions, with some going as far as saying it's damaging to the animals, possibly other humans, and to the ecosystem as a whole.

No matter your personal opinion, it is still truly a fascinating sight to behold.

If you haven't seen the Snow White scene with the animals in a long time, here's your refresher. Minus the song, both videos are quite similar.

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