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This is truly unbelievable.

A very nice lady, whom I have not yet met, is offering me a free trip to Kenya or to South Africa including two nights of accommodations in a five-star hotel. Not only am I getting a free trip to a foreign country, this kind person wants to invest millions of dollars in my country as well.

Perhaps, I should explain.

The letter I received is from Mrs. Grace Mugabe. In the letter, Mrs. Mugabe tells me her late husband kept $377 million in a vault that she intends to invest in my country. Additionally, she proposes "we will give you 30% of the total funds and 10% after taxes on investment profits for 10 years." She says she is interested in a "credible, fruitful business relationship" with me and hopes I would "acknowledge this business cooperation with the best of your understanding."

She proceeds to tell me that she needs my "collaborative partnership to invest with you" and she wants to have a comprehensive discussion about the investment plan. She gave me a phone number where I would speak to her if I so desired. However, she strongly encouraged me to contact a "very close confidant/trusted family friend" who is the vault manager where these funds were deposited. His name is Mr. Samuel Zekota. He prefers WhatsApp communication only.

The final part of the puzzle, Mrs. Mugabe tells me, is that there will need to be a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Zekota in either Nairobi, Kenya, or Johannesburg, South Africa. That's where the free trip comes into play. Mrs. Mugabe has agreed to take care of my "traveling ticket" for coming to the meeting and going back to my country. I'm not exactly sure if the ticket is for a plane, train, or cargo ship, as she did not specify,

If I understand everything correctly, I'm getting a free trip out of this along with several million dollars. Most likely all I need to do to make it happen is to provide some personal information such as my bank account number, so they can freely deposit money into my account for the investment. It sounds pretty simple and a win-win for both of us. I get rich - and a free vacation. And she gets richer, too.

Normally, I would be more than happy to accommodate Mrs. Mugabe's request and join her in this investment venture. What the world needs now is more love, kindness, and cooperation-- and that's the kind of man I want to be. Unfortunately, I have a long-standing personal rule that prohibits me from engaging in multi-million dollar investments during daytime and nighttime hours.

Perhaps, Mrs. Mugabe will find some other willing soul to help with her investment plans, but it's not going to be me, as much as I would love to travel to a foreign country. Surely there is someone out there who would love to take advantage of this free trip opportunity, help someone invest in our country with millions of dollars, and hand over their personal bank account number to a total stranger.

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