It's the end of an era for another longtime Colorado retail location as this iconic brand has begun its going-out-of-business sale, with plans to close its doors by the middle of June.

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Legendary Colorado Store Ending Its 50-Year Run

I remember writing a story about a major retailer closing in January, hoping that it wasn't going to be a pattern as we went through 2023.

Then more in January, February, March, and April. And now, here we are in May, announcing yet another major retail closure.

These aren't all smaller mom-and-pop stores either, so many were a surprise to many fans of these particular retail shops and restaurants. We're talking Big Lots, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's, TJ MAXX, and many awesome local restaurants and bars.

Now, another surprise closure was just announced.

Sears In Fort Collins Closing For Good After 50 Years

The Fort Collins Sears legacy began 50 years ago as a main anchor of the original Foothills Mall.

In more recent years, it relocated from an anchor store to a much smaller version of its original location as a part of the new Foothills Mall layout, mainly focusing on appliances.

Now, along with the Foothills Mall Macy's, the last of the original Foothills Mall tenants is closing up shop. Everchanging shopping habits and a struggling parent company are to blame for the Sears Fort Collins closure.

Sears Going Out Of Business Sale Going On Now

With the doors closing in mid-June, the going-out-of-business savings are happening now. Although I often wonder how much you're actually saving. Always feels like these businesses jack up the asking price and then knock them back down to the same price they were before the sale. At least to begin.

My memories of Sears in Fort Collins, Colorado, are mostly based around the original store when it was a part of the old mall. But it's still sad to see another great Northern Colorado business shut its doors.

Maybe someday, malls will become cool again, and Sears will return. Weirder things have happened, I suppose ...

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