It may come as a shock to learn that Forbes has put Grand Junction in the top 50 best places in America for business and careers.

The news that Grand Junction is good for businesses and careers may be surprising, considering the Grand Valley's reputation for its high cost of living and low wages.

Forbes cites the city's 2.5% job growth and 1.5% household income growth in ranking Grand Junction at #49   on its list of successful cities.

While people tend to view Grand Junction as having a high cost of living, according to Forbes, the cost of living here is actually 7.8% below the national average. Who knew?

Of course, a drive down North Avenue in Grand Junction may cause one to have doubts about the positive ranking when you look at the large number of buildings and spaces that sit vacant. But, perhaps North Avenue is not the best representation of the state of Grand Junction's economy.

By the way, Bend, Oregon was #`1 on Forbes' list, followed by Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Logan, Utah.

Maybe things are looking up in the Grand Valley.

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