With a state as beautiful and diverse as Colorado, it's no wonder few, if any of us have seen all the landmarks the state has to offer.

I thought I would put together a small list of the ones I haven't really paid attention to much, if at all. Maybe you haven't either, so it will be like exploring them together!

Yes, there actually is a step that tells you you are standing exactly one mile above sea level. For those of us who have lived here most, if not all of our lives, this was never one that you had to do. But it's still really cool to have your picture taken and sent back to people at sea level.

Located in the Flat Tops Wilderness area, the Devil's Causeway a narrow ridge that begins at Stillwater Reservoir, east of Yampa. It's a six-mile hike to the causeway, or if you prefer to take the entire route, ten miles, which will bring you back to the reservoir.

Over 30 square miles of sand dunes. Imagine how much fun you can have sledding down a 750-foot dune! Located near the town of Alamosa in Southeastern Colorado, the Great Sand Dunes National Park is one you have to see if you want to say you've seen them all.

Another one of those places you've heard about or read about but probably never visited. Bishop's Castle is the largest self-built castle in the United States, so we can start there. The best part is Jim Bishop started the whole thing by building a little stone cottage. Some cottage!

I can tell you I have never been here, but that is going to change. Seeing the way the color change looks, I think this is where I will go on color Sunday.

I have been in Colorado since 1979 and I have never heard of this place. And the amazing thing is it's close to the Great Dunes. It is breathtakingly beautiful and now on my list of places I have to see. How about you?

These are only a few of the amazing landmarks around the state. Share your list!

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