If a weekend picnic is in your plans, good luck finding a spot.

While things are slowly beginning to open up in Mesa County, there are still many restrictions in place. A number of areas remain closed on the Colorado National  Monument including Saddlehorn Campground,  Devil's Kitchen Picnic Area, Saddlehorn Picnic Area, Saddlehorn Visitor Center and the gift shop, and Cold Shivers Overlook.

What you can do on the monument right now is hike. All of the hiking trails are open, as are the overlooks along the road.

If you want to do a picnic you'll have to try some other options. Shelters and picnic areas in Grand Junction parks remain closed. Playgrounds in Grand Junction city parks remain closed at this time as well.

Even if you could find a place to picnic on the Grand Mesa, the weather is not going to be weather friendly. Gusty winds and highs in the 50s would make for a pretty unpleasant picnic experience.

Here in the valley, the weather should be great for a picnic. Now, all we have to do is find a place to have one. I suppose you could park a couple of lawn chairs along the river, otherwise, it looks like your own backyard is going to be your best picnic destination this weekend.

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