The time honored tradition of heading into the mountains to see the leaves changing colors is on a bit of a delay this year. Customers of the Beuna Vista Fall Color Change Tour didn't exactly get what they paid for. 150 people showed up to see the fall colors, some traveling from as far as Florida.

A mixture of precipitation in the Winter in Spring as well as a sunny summer has made for perfect conditions for the Aspen's to hang onto their color a little longer. The changing of colors usually takes place at the higher elevations in the beginning to middle of September, not the end of the month. Bear lake, a popular location to see color changes, that sits at 9,500, is just now seeing some yellow tints in the leaves.

It feels silly to say this, but apparently some people don't realize this is not something the people of Buena Vista Visitors Center, or any other human, can control.  Acording to his interview with the Out There Colorado website, Jon Cobb, an employee at the Welcome, has been yelled at for not knowing the exact date the leaves would start changing colors.

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