If you're a fan of wolves, I found a Facebook page you need to like and follow. If you're on the other side of the fence (meaning - ranchers), you might want to look the other way.

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The Facebook page that has been constantly coming up in my feed lately is called "The one who dances with wolves".  They really really love wolves. Really. Here are just a few of the videos they've shared.

And that's just from the past couple of days. According to their "About" page on Facebook, there are almost a quarter of a million people that follow them. They list their interests as "wolves, horses and western". I haven't seen any horses yet, but I'm still somewhat new to their page.

As we in Wyoming are aware, wolves are a controversial subject. While there's no denying they are gorgeous animals especially as young pups, they're not nearly as cute to ranchers who have been herds thinned by wolf packs that were reintroduced into the state in 1995 when Yellowstone brought them back into the ecosystem there.

If you are a pro-wolf person, I can easily recommend that you follow "The one that dances with wolves" on Facebook. It's a page that would likely make Kevin Costner's character from the 1990 movie proud.

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