Squirrels are really neat creatures. I have seen videos on Youtube where some abandoned babies have become family pets. I wouldn't necessarily recommend having a squirrel as a pet, but it has been known to happen.

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I remember years ago being fascinated by black squirrels as I have never seen them before. This squirrel you are about to see is an extreme rarity. These specific squirrels are known as Piebald squirrels. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the coloring of this squirrel has occurred due to a genetic mutation. Piebald squirrels can be nearly pure white, or in this specific squirrel's case, patches of white.

Jerry Baines spotted this squirrel and captured the photos. This rare piebald squirrel was spotted west of Denver.

According to Bird Watching HQ, there are three common types of squirrels in Colorado.

  • The Abert's squirrels are usually found in the mountains
  • Fox squirrels which are prevalent in much of the eastern United States
  • American Red squirrels found in the north and northeast part of the United States and much of Canada.

Source: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Twitter 

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